• Stéphane Ulcoq

    Group CEO

  • Christophe Quevauvilliers

    Group CFO

  • Bryan Gujjalu

    Group Chief Strategy Officer

  • Samantha Perrier

    Group Communications Manager

  • Jean-Jacques Jullienne

    General Manager

  • Cécile Boyer

    Group Financial Controller

  • Dhuenesh Rambarassah

    Group Finance Manager

  • Dwight Hamilton

    Group IT Manager

  • Laurent Bega

    Group Engineering Manager

  • Gino Gunness

    Group Procurement and Asset Manager

  • Sankish Haguthee

    Group Health, Safety and Environment Manager

  • Amaury Lacoste

    Production Manager

  • Ashwin Ramsaha

    PPB Manager

  • Xavier Toulet

    Contracts and Quarry Manager

  • Bruno de Speville

    Plant Manager

  • Alan Cunniah

    Group Human Resources Manager